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hope you enjoy. :)
None of the artworks are traced. Credits always goes to the original artists of artworks that do not belong to me. Rest assured, I do not steal, or trace.


Not even my crappy skills can be like them



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Artist | Student | Varied

Just a random teenager who's a total otaku, who's hobby is drawing, gaming, and computering. Totally hate school. and I LOATHE studying. (Who doesn't?)
-I love watching anime, but I always read the manga first. I prefer going through details and the original story before watching. Manga is actually fun to read! :D

-I hate novels. =w='' Unless there are pictures. But I still loathe reading longass paragraphs, unless it's roleplay. But I get VERY lazy. So I prefer reading MANGA ALL THE WAY.

-I'm socially awkward, because I don't really go out much for fun. My sanctuary is my house, the game store, the bookstore, the anime store, my cousin's house, the shrine, and the beach. Nonetheless, I hate shopping for clothes. The only clothes I buy features anime characters or stuff related to anime. I'm an otaku, mind you.

-Worst place to ever chill in is school. Then again, I'm just telling you something you already know, lol.

-Total tsundere. :iconkagamiplz:

-I prefer YURI instead of YAOI. Honestly, yaoi is just disturbing. *shudders*

-Always doodle in class. Features a shitload of Gaara and Sasuke eye doodles, lol.

-I hate drawing hands and eyes. They're my nemesis when it comes to drawing, ugh.

-Since I'm young, I like to draw pictures that I find, so I can get used to drawing my own characters in the future. But don't worry, credits will always go to the awesome artist. I don't claim any pictures as my own, but the work done by me is definitely mine. Just the original art isn't. You get the point.

-I like cats, lol.

- I LUUUUUUURV Michelangelo in TMNT. My one and only favorite.

-Spiderman forever.

-I like smut, lol.

-Hentai and Ecchi -- ohyes, lawl.

-I may loathe some canon couples, but anyhow, I respect it. Then again, anyone can dream, right?

-Notice how I'm starting to use loathe a lot? Maybe that's because "hate" and "despise" are just a bit mainstream. /shot


-I love yandere shows. Admit it, it's badass.

-I may like lots of protagonists in shows, but I do love lots of antagonists as well. If ya ask me, I prefer some antagonists because they're BADASS.

- I like baseball.

-I love touching things that are not suppose to be touched, LOL. :ifyouknowwhatimean: not in THAT sort of way, haha. like.. stuff in machines, y'know? XD

-I like pervy stuff. owo Well.. some stuff already fucked up the minds of the people in this generation. Dirty-minded? Can't help it. And for those who are OH SO "innocent" when we let out a dirty joke, I doubt you're actually innocent if you get the joke and tell us to stop. ;) But for those who are actually innocent; good luck and... keep it up, bruh.

-I really hate angst stuff.. :L It just sucks to cry.. =o=''

-Someone with a dry attitude and sarcasm are hilarious, admit it.

-I respect those who have their own opinion. But they shouldn't push their luck, ye know.

-JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS. (again, I'm telling you something you already know.)

-Sheldon Cooper for president. (lol)

-Otakus UNITE. <3

-Geeks; it's about time you turn the tables against dem cool wannabes.

-Laziness...the new powerful force.

-Keep up with the best of both worlds. Reality fucks shit up, but you already have your own world that you've created in your mind so you can escape reality, and chill. (I hope I'm not rambling bullshit, because I know there are some of you out there who understand my point.)

-Screw normal stuff.. =o=''

  • Listening to: Tsukiakari no Michishirube
  • Reading: Bakuman
  • Playing: UNSG
  • Eating: Shoyu Ramen
  • Drinking: Coke
Hey, everyone.. Now, it's pretty unusual that I stopped drawing or posting any Naruto arts here.. but it's not because I left!

The thing is.. well.. the TRAGEDY is that my stylus is broken... :iconcry2plz: so it's impossible for me to draw.. I need to get a new one which is really

There are so many Naruto arts that I've drawn on paper, but since I'm bad at traditional art, I don't think it's a good idea to post it here.. ^^; Although, I think a friend of mine has one, or my brother might know someone who has a tablet.. idk.. but I'm practicing traditional art so eventually I'll get back on track. ^0^/

Thanks a lot to those who faved my work.. I will post more later. :D

Hontoni Arigatou Gozaimashita! :iconbowplz: :heart:

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